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About Our Caring for Clergy and Congregations Program

Coaching for Clergy and Youth Directors


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Pastors and youth leaders are under more pressure than ever. You may be struggling with practical aspects of leadership, such as overcoming resistance, envisioning new directions, and healing the wounds of those you minister to—as well as your own wounds.


Samaritan provides one-on-one coaching to pastors and youth directors through an integrative approach in all of these areas. ​We are committed to helping ministry leaders of all denominations become healthier, better leaders of more vibrant congregations.

What are some of the issues pastors and youth directors commonly bring to coaching?

  • Burnout

  • Feeling “stuck” in a particular ministry framework

  • Diminished creativity

  • Personal and professional balance

  • Boundaries

  • Finding and articulating “next steps” (“Where do I go from here?”)


What does the coaching process entail? 

In addition to encouraging, guiding, and holding you accountable, Samaritan's coaches address specific areas to help pastors and youth directors achieve success. These include

  • Articulating goals, values and direction

  • Forming a healthier spiritual awareness

  • Improving your community and congregation’s health and vitality, as well as your own

  • Refining your leadership skills

  • Developing more effective ways of responding to personal and congregational struggles

  • Gaining a better understanding of church dynamics

  • Identifying and capitalizing on your skills and unique gifts

  • Capturing and regaining energy for the tasks you have been called to do

  • Creating actionable steps


Samaritan offers face-to-face coaching in a private office setting, as well as by video for pastors and others locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

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